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medicare. here's a look at what some of your posting on my facebook page. yes, ask any doctor, especially in a small town of many medicare patients, it will get worse as many doctors are refusing medicare. john agrees, he already rated the medicare account. many will be cut. we also asked on, 98% said yes, 2% said no. logon to the online question every weekday. earlier this month is i it seeme post office was finally facing reality. member that? postmaster general said they would stop saturday mail delivery this august whether congress likes it or not. it was comforting to know somebody in washington knew how to make the tough decisions to keep their business afloat. oh, what a difference two weeks makes. next month they will be spending more than $2 million on a
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conference in san francisco according to a local tv station. including workshops, golf tournament and even a dance party. he will be one of 400 usps officials in attendance. that is one of the biggest problems in washington, history always repeating itself. they kicked off a firestorm after spending ridiculous amounts of taxpayer dollars on a lavish conference, now the post office doing the same thing. will they ever learn? my bet is no. that is it for tonight's "the willis report." have a great night. lou: good evening, everybody. president obama today fresh from a three day vacation and a
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dustup for the white house press corps push in the lumen sequester cuts to the top of the public agenda. $85 billio$85 billion of arbitry spending cuts per week, sure and there would be no sequester and now with nine days remaining before it all goes into effect, he is basically complaining republicans aren't leaning on the issue. mr. obama has not taken any initiative to bring republicans and democrats together for a discussion, let alone a negotiation. and he hasn't even called republican leadership to talk about a compromise on sequester. instead, listen as the president doesn't acknowledge the sequester originated in the white house, and that he bears great responsibility for resolving the issue. >> republicans face a simple choice, are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education and health care and national security and all the jobs that
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depend on it. where would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and hourl entire economy at riso close loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and corporations. lou: house speaker john boehner reminded the president the house has passed two sequester bills ignored by the democratically controlled senate. one in may, the other in december of last year. republicans have already given mr. obama his tax hikes on the rich. reading just last month the president got higher taxes on the wealthy and already back for more. the american people understand the revenue debate is now closed. and congress is closed as well. the house of representatives and the senate both in recess until next monday leaving the president only four days in which to reach out to congress if there is to be a deal done before sequestration takes
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effect. democrats led by the white house are opposed to cutting entitlements. even though they make up more than 60% of federal outlay. medicare, medicaid and social security alone take up 45% of the national budget. in the four plus years of the obama presidency, entitlement has been cut never. the national liberal media enabled thenable the president o successfully blame congress for the fiscal cliff impasse, the debt ceiling battles in the various continuing resolutions that have kept the government running despite no budget. this time not even a compliant and complicit media can bail him out. the sequester unquestionably his idea and he publicly broken his own promise. there would be no sequester, at least to this point. the president told america during a presidential debate governor mitt romney on october 22 last year the
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sequester "will not happen." we will see. a new report says military is behind an overwhelming number of cyber attacks against american targets. that report traces of those attacks to a single building in shanghai, headquarters of a unit of the liberation army. hackers have stolen massive amounts of valuable information of all kinds from at least 115 american corporations over the course of the past seven years. companies involved in everything from finance energy to infrastructure. chinese government officials have dismissed that report is groundless, pretty much the response to all similar charges brought the years. the white house is not commenting on the new report nor the charges against. jay carney said the
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united states has repeatedly talked to the government in china about cyber theft and attacks. we'lwe will be joined by two experts, former army technology acquisition director, and the author of the coming collapse of china. joining us in just moments. a daring robbery in belgium as thieves struck part of the world diamond trade. belgian police are searching for eight masked gunmen. they forced their way into the brussels international airport and onto the tarmac and stole 190 packages of diamonds and jams on a plane bound for switzerland. they reportedly both rough and polished. it was extremely well-planned. the operation took just over 10 minutes. the thieves wore police uniforms, carrying submachine guns but no shots fired, no one was injured. the robbers were able to make off with at least $50 million
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worth of jams. a low-end estimate. dto a significant blow to the diamond district whic district s supposed to be one of europe's most secure safe zones, 2000 surveillance cameras and around-the-clock police throughout the area. best to handle diamonds and jams worth $52 billion accounting for 80% of the world's rough diamond trade, half of the trade and other stones and gems. back to politics. we want to give the government props for his, well, props. there you see him and his supporters. the president flanked by first responders here as they put jobs on the line with their refusal to take this possibility for
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what was after all his idea, sequester and his pledge to question would not have been. he loves this stuff. he was pushing obamacare back in october in this instance of thousand nine. here is one of my particular favorites. here he is backed by wealthy americans. there is a set of props while pushing the buffet rule. those are some expensive props. i like that. college students invited to be set pieces pushed student loan reform. seeing here is fronted by middle-class americans. that is just a month ago the president utilized young children to push gun control. hold the president anti-republic
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rhetoric play out? will he prevail, or will the republicans win? joining us is the "a-team." good to have you with us. your reaction. showing no shame in using. >> to use props like this in such a dire straits, does one thing two months ago with new town, not to do this again with the wealthy individuals because that is where he is going after. lou: i love that kind of folks out to do that. republicans and anti-republican rhetoric today. here it is, on the record, sequester is his idea, on the record that he promised there would be a sequester take effect.
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>> i guess i am so much of a mom, it looks to me kids in a sandbox saying i will take out my toys and going home. you are one recess, no coming together. i know that is very simplistic but it is angry for all of us as american citizens to say wait a second, we're paying you to be able to do this, respond to these questions and you are not doing it. you're like those kids in the sandbox. lou: why does do we point out these are bold faced lies? >> there used to him with president obama recently. this sequester not only the president won't take responsibility for it. he has asked the author of it, jack lew, he has now nominated to be treasury secretary. and it was the white house who insisted half is supposed to be in defense spending and the other half in sequester
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spinning. the president, what the president was talking about today you know very well republicans are not going to accept. they will not accept another huge tax increase and really unknown proportions because he hadn't set up an offer, so what all this means is the sequester will take place. >> do you agree? >> not only did he sign it into law, but the fact he assumed republicans would spot it, republicans would not go along with it because of the military cuts, but what the president has lost sight of his getting the tax hikes earlier this year, he didn't get any spending cuts and it is all about spending cuts and everybody knows the country needs but they can't agree on the details. by pushing it off, the president has handled the republicans to
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leverage he had in the tax hikes. now they're going to get the spending cuts they want. lou: are the republicans going to win one here? >> i think so. >> i'm not so sure. he is poisoning the republican brand every time he goes to the podium at the white house and it worked in the election back in november and it may work again. >> i think the republicans have to stay united, that is the key. if they stay united, they will have to come back with a reasonable package whether there are tax reforms in closing loopholes that don't produce revenue is a more complicated thing but on the issue of spending, republicans have the upper hand and should do something. lou: the "a-team" will be back with us in this show. and america's doctor will join me to talk about what is on the president's state of mind.
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and why not mentioning gangs when talking with the murder capital of america. coming up. >> no rescue, no retribution. the authors of benghazi, the definitive report, join us next. cyber attacks the chinese military and the obama administration acting as if that was news to them. it is not. that story is next. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchasevery day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card
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lou: the chinese military hacking into computers of a number of american based businesses, in fact a lot of them.
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they will be here minutes to discuss and analyze what is happening and why the united states is not reacting more energetically given the threat ended the actions jeopardizing u.s. national security. stocks rallied on the first day of trading with all three indexes rising two-year highs. the s&p up 11 points: nasdaq 22. volume on the big ward still modest 3.7 billion shares. office depot, officemax advanced merger deals with both companies moving higher. google stock above $800 per share for the first time ever. health care stocks on news medicare advantage payments, to companies for services will be lower than expected, but most of those stocks recovering most of their losses.
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gold continues its decline closing at 1603.60. crude oil up $0.80. the bond market, weaker prices, higher yield, the treasury's 10-year now 2.03%. apple confirmed today it has been the target of a cyber attack by hackers in china who compromised a small number of the employee computers. apple says there's no evidence they were able to steal any data, but as the saying goes, it is early yet. the attack was perpetrated by the same group that hacked faccbook. jeeps twitter profile send out racial slurs, claims the police were using drugs, a hacker group taking responsibility for both of those attacks against burger king and cheap.
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in the report cites cyber attacks to 150 u.s. companies are chinese military. joining me, author of the book the coming collapse of china, gordon chang. the cochair of the strategic military advisory panel and advises acquisition for the military under presidents bush and obama. good to have you all with us. i want to start here, if i may. this cannot be a reasonable response to such charges, that is the obama administration to basically say nothing. >> good evening. this is the theme in washington. i think the silence in this town has been absolutely deafening, and we have not put this as a priority in this administration, and we continue to take the hits, we continue to see the industrial base eroded by
7:20 pm
chinese purchases, transfer of technology, cyber theft, intellectual property, trade theft, intellectual property theft, it is just an incredible, almost tom clancy type novel emerging here in washington. lou: you and i have talked about the attack on the united states. the military technological secrets, knowledge-based, 3500 companies, front companies for china, we have cyber security firms, u.s. department of defense, this administration as if they have never heard of this before, there is this little country in the mainland called china attacking us daily. >> it is about 6 million cyber attacks per day. lou: 6 million per day. >> that only defense
7:21 pm
establishment, but going against corporations and private organizations lay charities, they are attacking institutions of our society and this is a problem because we don't do something about this i might as well sell the company to china. lou: i will share with you what the chairman of the senate intelligence committee said today about this assault on the united states. when we come back, a brand-new book charging the president's nominee to run the cia was running guns into libya up until the benghazi libya attack. and the blade runner claiming he killed his girlfriend by accident. will a history of violence outweigh confidence in his statements? and the president's state of mind as well. and oh, yes: it takes to be the murder capital of america. we are coming right back.
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lou: i would like to share with you, if i may, and let's see full screen if we can. quoting from the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, senator dianne feinstein reacting today to this report same as a sobering report on the length to which the u.s. military has needed to pass cyber legislation as soon as possible. gordon chang, you are laughing as i said that. what in the world is going on when our response is we have to pass a law. >> even worse than that, international treaty to ban cyber attacks. the chinese love to sign treaties and agreements, they saw a lot of them from human rights to trade.
7:26 pm
lou: there is a law against doing this right now. isn't that sufficient? >> that should be. the chinese don't honor any of these agreements. what we really need is strong american action. i don't honor their treaty obligations. lou: i want to show this element of what you have written as well, talking about the fact the chinese were not only going after valuable information, but obtaining comedy can see that quote, obtaining the ability to manipulate american critical infrastructures of the power grid is another power utilities. this is sinister stuff, is it not? >> this is not new. at a classified level, i would tell you senator feinstein and her colleagues knew this three,
7:27 pm
four, five years ago. lou: you have no reason to notice perhaps, but gordon and i have been reporting on this over a decade. this broadcast has carried out a segment warning precisely of this. we go back on this issue at least a decade, and as you say, it is not new, but what in the heck is this response from our government? >> would like to tell you the scene the chinese are playing. they're playing between our government and private industry. we live in a free society, inherent of that is a revulsion, if you will, to government interference within our private networks and the chinese know this and they are playing the scene between our ability to get organized at a national level with national policies with national unified command as we
7:28 pm
have in cyber come, and they're playing that scene. we have an inherent repulsion. lou: we have a bunch of folks who seem to be scared of their shadows. a trade deficit $315 billion with the chinese. we talk about facebook, google, whomever it may be. apple most recently hacked. those companies dependent on china for those manufacturing, they have limited, very limited area to respond. $1.2 trillion by the chinese, we look like we're being strangled with our own money. >> clearly we do not need to do this. the one thing this administration has us, things will be better, but as we post the chinese about cyber hacking, the number of incidences have gone up. spiking dramatically in the middle of last year.
7:29 pm
lou: government is vulnerable being relentlessly attacked, what is the answer? >> the answer is really a deeper level of organization. we have to formulate offensive policies with regard to our unified strategic commands and we have to treat this as if it were a military attack on the united states. lou: they said they will take these kind of attacks as an act of war. >> we have to have the chinese were they hurt. their economy is tied to ours, if we inspected containers, those ships wwll be backed up half way across the pacific, the chinese will get the message. lou: a lot of people pay a heavy price for that. appreciate you being with us. thank you. we will have a lot more on the
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chinese cyber threats to america throughout the broadcast has you just heard. it is far more than just a threat. for those who drive drunk, a new metal. the defense department created in only a new metal, but a big controversy. ithe colorado state legislature says women and guns don't mix. that is why they support gun control. "benghazi: the definitive report." we'll talk to the authors of that report next. copd makes it hard to breathe, but th advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day.
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7:34 pm
warfare in the 21st century. the veterans groups say something else. i will repeat it here. my next guest wrote an investigative report on the september 11th attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. among the shocking claims, currency to five current cia nomination john burnett plans to raise that may have lead to retaliation and benghazi and the death of four americans. former u.s. navy seal. former u.s. army ranger, green beret. authors of the new e-book entitled benghazi, the definitive report. >> a situation where the u.s. unit's ad agencies were operating in benghazi. a lot of cases not communicating with each other. special operations command conducting these rates, putting pressure on the militias and the terrorist groups and then what you saw, the result of that is the blow back of the gauzy. lou: special operations comes back and says, you know, we
7:35 pm
would never run an operation without the knowledge of the ambassador or the civilian representatives of the u.s. government and country. your reaction? >> it happens all the time. very often that they don't notify the ambassador and at the state department is not read on to serve special operations missions that are happening in various countries in the world. lou: and here we are, all these months later. the american people still don't have an accounting from the president of the united states or this administration as to what happened and why in benghazi. is that -- >> that was the main motivation behind jack and i writing this book, just watching the spin and the hype on both sides of the party lines during the election. really, no clear answers, no accountability. it was the main motivating factor behind his writing the book. lou: and we are still listening
7:36 pm
to the former secretary of state, hillary clinton, acknowledging she was not involved in the operations that take. the president himself was not involved. secretary of defense panetta said they had one conversation, and that was it. this that astonish you? >> it sounds like these people are trying to absolve themselves of gilts or any sort of association with was happen that night. and i can say what was going on in the oval office that night. it's time for somebody to take responsibility. you know, i would liken it to the bay of pigs fiasco where president kennedy came forward and took responsibility. we need somebody to do that now and dedicate themselves toward fixing whatever went wrong then night. lou: you gentleman offered. again, involving, as you would guess, all of the special operations folks out there working. what is this sense, if i can
7:37 pm
call it a community, what is the sense among the community about what is going on now? i cannot imagine the route -- morale being very high. >> i think a big issue that i have talked on lately is, we have really no strategic objective in afghanistan. does not seem like we have a clear strategic objective with how we conduct our foreign policy, and we have troops in special operations communities, these guys, men and women, euros , they have been shouldering the burden for over a decade. we have the family lives suffering. you know, when is this going to end? lou: that applies to special operations, but our military, across the board, and our intelligence community as well. it is strange to think that we have become a country where we have really troops, men and women like you working in intelligence and special
7:38 pm
operations in u.s. military across the world and we were in afghanistan more than a decade after having taken control of afghanistan through the cia and special operations forces that we put in their right after september 11th. you were one of the folks involved. >> really, what have we accomplished in afghanistan? are we going to leave afghanistan better than we found it? i think the answer is no. the big issue is we need special operations to date. is the nature of the way you counter this asymmetric threat. we are fighting a war of ideologies with these extremists they don't have borders. they don't have a rule book. the special operations, but you also need to address the preventative measures. what can we do as a country to study the social and political environments that are producing these radical terrorists of tomorrow. and if you don't address that we will be for years. >> and in the aftermath of
7:39 pm
benghazi will be a good time to take a look in our counterterrorism strategy, where we will move forward in the next invest 20 years. lou: i have to say that those who have authored long words, be they add david patraeus, military academies, our work colleges, long wars right now. satisfying for the national interest for the ultimate aims of the country, perhaps there is something beyond counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency that this country needs to learn about and figure out. tonight, we thank you. go to to finally start facebook page. e-mail me. of course you can tweet me. and, again, the buck is been gauzy, the definitive report. up next, one colorado state representative does not trust women with guns. psychoanalyzing all of the -- some of the ignorance and
7:40 pm
politics. yes, that's right. there is some of ignorance and politics. we will take a look at a few examples next. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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lou: well, the state of colorado is apparently trying to corner the market on political ignorance. a colorado democratic lawmaker apologizing after he said women concerned about being raped should not be trusted with a gun and should, instead, protect themselves with the whistle. >> we have call boxes. that's why we have states homes, the whistles. because you just don't know who you're going to be shooting at. and you don't know if you feel like you're going to be raped or if you feel like someone has been following you around or if you feel like you are in trouble and when you may actually not be. you pop out that gun and you pop around a somebody. lou: state representative joe
7:44 pm
salazar. he made those comments arguing in favor of a ban on concealed weapons, a college campuses and in stadiums. the colorado house approved the measure, by the way to mike and control. look out colorado. double amputee olympic track star facing a charge of premeditated murder in the death of his close friend, model 3 this team cap. he denied today he intended to take her life in a valentine's day shooting. joining us now to talk about what is happening, it seems almost every day of professional athletes and their victims, we're joined by a psychiatrist and a member of the fox news medical "a-team." we call in dr. america. >> i like that. i'm going to get the cape. lou: we may provide you that in depending on how well you do here for the next awhile. as we look at that case, this guy had a history of abuse, the
7:45 pm
evidence, whether we -- with a there are going to -- we are not going to adjudicate the case here, but in an abusive relationship before. yourself about to speak to school. this is a sad and tragic case, no matter what. those added measures. becomes really terrific. >> you take away his incredible athletic prowess and what you have is a rather mundane case, it seems, of domestic abuse. this is what happens. escalating episodes of it until someone dies. what you have is a victim who cannot seem to break the pattern if you are a little girl and you want to believe someone loves you and they are not giving you any love but instead withholding it, you can spend your whole life trying to convert someone who cannot love you into someone who can. she may have been in that path from walked in there in a siege mentality almost. the last act of trying to get a guy who could not do right by her daughter.
7:46 pm
lou: amazing. and we are seeing so many acts of violence, it seems. professional athletes of all sorts. what -- what is going on? >> well, we don't know, for sure, but we don't hear this is much. politicians and ceos with these terrific stories. so one could wonder, listen. what is required to be a professional athlete, whether you are running through a line of defenders on a football field where you are strapping on artificial legs to compete in an olympic event, you are moving against resistance, and that requires the ability to disregard come to some extent, the intentions, maybe even the feelings, one could say, small miiority of athletes of others. and so that kind of determination married to the narcissism that can be inherent in being a professional athlete, the awesome, you know, worship that we heap upon these people can be a formula for disaster. lou: you mentioned narcissism.
7:47 pm
immediately i am drawn to the subject of president obama and his weekend golfing with above all people, tiger woods. that has to be fertile ground for you. >> it is fertile ground because this is the president's who would find himself on the golf links with someone who is a celebrity and a star. the president two lows late night tv. the president who loves the cover of gq magazine. why? why is it that, you know, as you were reading the headlines and we hear of a legislator in california who is saying that women don't have intuition, don't rely on your gut feeling. people are being asked to rate themselves out of their own thoughts and feelings, which are really craig -- quite grounded and instead tessie doll control to a central authority. what will the central authority be about, narcissism, grandiosity, and not, you know, and ms.
7:48 pm
lou: what is going on? can actually, in 2013 to say that women are incapable of making judgments with a weapon in their hand, i mean, that's madness. that's a democrat who is for gun control much rationalize it in that manner. >> the threat to the collective as you would tell me give to tables were turned and i was asking you the questions, people who honor their own thoughts and feelings to know when their debt what is happening, know if they are being disempowered. in of there being attacked and they know very well off if they have to go begun. this is the threat. people know that have to be stopped in order for collective to take power. lou: independent, self-reliance. in suggesting that women and is now ready for what was given to them over 200 years ago, the right to bear arms.
7:49 pm
up next, a new report detailing the staggering amount of work time costs that federal employees have to spend on the union or at least your told they have to spend on union related work. you will not believe the amount. the "a-team" takes that up in a great deal more. we return next. ♪ alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never hpened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? we don't let frequent heartburn
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who don't need perfection, they ned you. ♪the more i search0forú my significance,♪ ♪seems0r ♪and0i0ú a0difference♪ ♪in anyú i've been0here♪ ♪and0i0u ♪ lou: a new government report finds the federal employees are spending union activities has risen by nearly 10% in 1 year. taxpayer dollars shelled out for all of those hours known as the official time bring nearly 12% to $156 million for that time.
7:53 pm
well, today on the "lou dobbs tonight" facebook page as for your thoughts on the pentagon's new metal to honor our drone pilots and troops engaged in cyber warfare. one viewer wrote in to say, if you cannot get shot, blown up, stabbed, or even begin with a fist while engaged in active ground combat you do not deserve it. joining us again, the "a-team." let's turn to this cyber -- cyber theft story. we went back and took a look. time magazine did a report on this eight years ago. the 3500 companies from the people's liberation army, the chinese government operating in this country. that was eight years ago. i have been doing a segment on this broadcast called red storm rising for a decade. why is this government and so much of officials in that town in which you do so well, why are they acting as if this is a new development?
7:54 pm
>> well, they certainly shouldn't, but because nothing has happened to impede its chinese from continuing these cyber attacks. you know, i mean, obviously the obama administration, probably the bush administration before then top behind the scenes to the chinese, but that didn't work. i think they need to do a couple things. they need to publicly embarrassed the chinese. player but they are doing. as time magazine and you have, but the administration place it up. talk about what the chinese are doing, that there are stealing things from companies and stealing government information. then at some point you have to make them actually pay a price. i guess it was gordon chain he talked earlier on the show about inspecting all of the boats to come in from china. well, that would be quite a penalty, but there are many others that you could do. they don't pay a price they're not going to stop. lou: it is gordon's view. and he also believes that the american people are going to be paying a price for this because it has gone so far and in this i
7:55 pm
have to say at the key is right and i agree with and. he believes it has gone so far we're going to have to -- we will also feel some of the pain as a result of what has to be done. this is a nation right now on the verge of losing its sovereignty, particularly in phar-mor, the greatest transfer of knowledge in the history of the world between this country china. by the way, they did not pay for it either. >> no, they stole it. as the problem. i go straight into prosecution of the problem is your talking about china, so we have no jurisdiction. the fbi, you have to know that they know even more than reports that we have done exactly. lou: you hope. >> i hope so. please, tell me yes. lou: you will tell you exactly something like that when we continue with the "a-team." we are going to take a good look at why the united states department of agriculture and the mexican consulates are trying to give away food stamps. we will be right back with the "a-team" in just moments.
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lou: we are back with the "a-team." this president is getting away with saying the american people the problem isn't spending, this is most transparent administration history and republicans fault for frustration when it is an absolute demonstrable inaccuracy. can i be sweet about that? how in the world to become to the point of national media put up with this and tolerate it is complicit and compliant. >> we have to dd psychoanalysis of the media. lou: do we really want that? >> they cannot get a picture of him with tiger woods, don't know what his golf score was, but they are not curious about benghazi or the national debt.

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